Focused on Maximizing Your Return

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Sun Valley Medical Billing, LLC provides daily billing for all insurance claims, manages patient statements, and provides reporting services for healthcare practitioners and organizations. Our certified staff is educated in Quality Assurance procedures and trained in accounts receivables’ best practices. We use emerging technological billing software and stay updated on changes to medical billing law and coding procedures.


Our operations are designed to make your life easier, and realized every bit of income from your demanding practice. We pride ourselves in paying attention to the details and sorting through the layers of bureaucracy for your. Services we offer at a cost that is typically lower for the the healthcare provider with a greater return.


SVMB Provides

~ Practice Management and Managed Care Billing

~ Continuing Education & Training for Staff & Clients

~ Quality Assurance Evaluations

~Electronic Submission of Payment EFT

~Detailed Client Reports on Claims and Follow-up


Every claim serviced from correct submission to proper follow-up and payment!

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