SVMB Technology

Technologically up to dateSun Valley Medical Billing is proud of our commitment to maximum accuracy and efficiency by submitting our claims electronically. Miscoding and omission errors can cause rejected claims and delayed payments. We have multiple layers of edits to ensure each claim is audited prior to submission to ensure accurate and timely processing and payment.

Our commitment to advancing technologies also includes keeping vital information protected and systems working at all times. HIPAA compliant software and practices ensure information stay private. We help clients avoid the deterrents to advancing technologies by burdening the risks of obsolescence and the heavy costs of servers, storage, networks, upgrades, service and support. Our systems were designed to make your job easier.

What can you expect when partnering with SVMB?

  • SVMB Trained, Certified Staff
  • Weekly and Monthly Follow-Up Reports
  • Access to Monthly Educational Workshops
  • Electronic Submission and Rapid Appeals if needed.